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Common questions

General information

  • What is included in the basic rental price?

    Responsibility Insurance (Obligatory) and Accident Insurance with limited renter’s responsibility is included in the basic rental price.

  • What is limited renter’s responsibility?

    It reflects the maximum sum for which you are responsible in case of an accident due to your fault.

  • May I pick the car up right at your branch office?

    Of course you may. Just tick a place you wish to pick up your car at in the form.

  • What documents do I have to provide for a rental?


    • Legal entity: abstract of the Companies Register, certificate of TRN (Tax Registration Number) registration, purchase order on a headed paper with the statutory agent’s signature, the statutory agent’s warrant (if not present at taking), the driver’s ID card or passport and driving license group B.
    • Personal entity, small trader: ID card, driving license group B, third ID for address verification (collection of money bills, telephone bills, a credit or payment card, University student’s index, proof of the renter’s car maintenance service, police record of the renter’s car accident – or another document reading the client’s name and address, not more than 2 months old; trade certificate (for a small trader)
    • Foreign citizens: passport, driving license, credit card
    • All necessary documents must be submitted before rental at latest. In case of delivery outside branches, it is essential to send such documents to e-mail address: asap@asap-rentcar.cz, or to fax them on fax number: +420 323 605 521 , otherwise the car may not be delivered.


  • Why are your rates so low?

    The reason is we do not pay for high-priced office space, we optimize operational expenses, we have arranged partnership discounts on car maintenance and we behave economically in general.



  • How can I book a car?

    You have two options. You either use Internet for comfortable rental price calculation; or you can call us on the reservation extension-line and our operator will take care of everything.

  • Why shall I make a reservation in advance?

    Especially in high season it can become a problem to find the car you wish in the Czech Republic. Your reservation is binding for us and we can reserve a car for you.

  • Is reservation through Internet safe?

    Yes, it is.


On journeys

  • May I drive my car abroad?

    Yes, you may. All you have to do is to pay an appropriate fee for this kind of service. See the price list. Except: Albania, Belorussia, Moldavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey.

  • Do I have to pay fines during the rental?

    If any fines for traffic violation occur during the rental, these will be charged to you to full extent. Read up our Terms for further details.

  • What to do if an accident happens?

    In case of an accident, fire, collision with game or other accidents, contact the Police and fill in the “Accident Record” form, which you find in your vehicle. This holds true for minor accidents and injuries as well, where the claiming party is guilty with no-one else’s infliction. The “Accident Record” form must be delivered to us in writing within 24 hours. You are not insured without the police record and you are responsible for all damages to full extent. You should also contact the rent-a-car company to receive further instructions.

  • What if I have an accident abroad?

    The procedure is the same all around Europe. The presence of the Police is always vital. One of the documents you receive is the International Motor Insurance Card (“green card”), which you submit to the Police together with the Certificate of Immatriculation.

  • If I pay the All Risks Liability and Insurance then I am not responsible for anything?

    The All Risks Liability and Insurance protects you fully concerning all eventual insured accidents, even of your fault. However, you are still responsible within the driver’s technical minimum (see driving school), e.g. when driving out of motor oil with consequential engine damage (ignoring light alarm)… Also, wheel rim and tire damage is not subject to insurance.

  • Can more drivers drive a rented car?

    Yes, they can. We charge a single fee for each additional driver – see the price list

  • What if the car breaks down outside office hours (at night)?

    Our office hours are from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. A non-stop service is provided on phone numbers +420 602 307 836 or +420 602 307 835 (in Czech and English) 24 hours a day outside office hours.

  • What to do in case I am delayed on the way and I need to extend my rental?

    In such a case you need to send fax at any time of day or night: announcing requested extend (e.g. from a hotel, a post office, etc.). Only this way you can avoid being penalized for late vehicle collection.

  • What documents do I need to submit to the Police in case of road check?

    Passport, driving license (European or International) and vehicle papers (the Certificate of Immatriculation, Responsibility Insurance Card + the International Motor Vehicle Insurance Card, so called “green card”).


Vehicle collection

  • Do I have to return my car with its fuel tank full?

    Yes, you do. The vehicle must be returned with its fuel tank full. If the amount of fuel is lower, we will charge refueling expenses according to average actual price as well as a maintenance fee. Please, see the amount of this fee in our Rental Terms.

  • What should a clean car look like?

    Please, see the Rental Terms for further details. A vehicle is considered to be clean when: the body, wheel discs and windows are free of mud, remains of insects or other impurities. The car interior must be vacuum-cleaned and without any damages.

  • How can I prove the car had already been damaged before I rented it?

    You will be allowed time to look around the vehicle carefully prior to the handover; and to mark eventual damages onto an appropriate record.